"It is stopping my breakouts." January 26, 2015

"[It] works great...[I] feel better." March 17, 2015

"I've had acne for approximately 25 years: so I am a severe. less common case. I did not grow out of it, and I can't remember a time when I did not have it, once I hit puberty. Most people had none as a teen and develop acne in young adulthood or conversely, have acne as a teenager and gradually grow out of it in their 20s. I have even been on two courses of Accutane that only dried up my eyes, skin, and hair while I took the medicine. Within two months of quitting the Accutane, my acne returned as bad as it ever was. I was able to get relief using the Green Black Walnut Hull tincture used as suggested. By relief, I mean a 90 to 95% clearing and for me that is extraordinarily good. *I use topicals (such as sulfur and anti-demodex soaps, tea tree oil pharmaceutical grade, and other anti-Candida and alkalinizing internals) to stave off additional problems. I also find Apple cider Vinegar beneficial both internally as well as topically in toner form.* The tincture did cause a side effect of severe and frequent involuntary eyelid twitching . This caused me to stop using the tincture for just under one month. I noticed my acne then was only about 70-80% clear again. So, after some research, I decided to supplement with Pure Encapsulations' Magnesium capsules in the maximum dosage. Since I've added the magnesium supplement, I can take the tincture with no known adverse effects." April 3, 2015

"I bought one of your products, used it for two days and I can tell that you are right. It is the best black walnut hull tincture on the market. I have used other black walnuts for over 20 years but I can really feel a difference just by taking yours for two days. Keep it up." September 12, 2017