In September 2014, Argentea S.A. began functioning after it began to brew black walnut hull tincture. Black walnut hull tincture is an over-the-counter drug that requires no prescription. Most do not know about it, since doctors who use natural cures are the only ones who recommend it. It is used to treat many disease that include AIDS, acne, cancer, diphtheria, eczema, leukemia, psoriasis, ringworm, skin irritation, sore throats, syphilis, and tonsillitis. People who have one of these maladies should try black walnut hull tincture if they have run out of options.

There are many companies that brew black walnut hull tincture, but most of them produce inferior quality tincture. Argentea S.A. broke the trend in black walnut hull tincture production by using 192 proof vodka and not adding any water. The result was amazing. Argentea S.A.'s black walnut hull tincture has become the strongest black walnut hull tincture on the market. The result from stronger tincture has been an amplification of efficacy by multiple factors.

At this time, Argentea S.A. is in its infancy. It hopes to grow and create other natural cures in the future.